Ponta da Piedade, Lagos, Algarve

Oh salty sea, how much of your salt is tears from Portugal?

Fernando Pessoa

The natural features of the gorgeous Algarve coastline are a wonder to explore by land or by sea.

Limestone pillars, rock arches, and grottos make up the intricate Iberian Peninsula coastline at the point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Cadiz

This region has been inhabited since the stone age and gets its name from its Arabic-ruled history (Al-Gharb means ‘the west’). “the Cynetes or Conii were one of the pre-Roman peoples of the Iberian Peninsula

…the Conii occupied since the late Bronze Age most of the present-day Lower AlentejoAlgarve, the southern part of Badajoz and the northwestern portions of Córdoba and Ciudad Real provinces,. … The capital of the Conii was Conistorgis, according to Strabo, who considered the region Celtic.”

Maybe just the magical feel of the Iberian coast, but I began wondering also about the mythological stories of the region. Sadly, many of the stories are forever lost after hundreds of years of Christian and Islamic control.

Today, some think this region, and northern Morocco, is the remnant of Plato’s Atlantis. Maybe this is why this region seems so magical? ☆♡☆


Portuguese Mythology, Legends & Gods From Ancient Iberia & Catholic Portugal

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